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Xero Rocks it with Xerocon and live Certification in San Francisco

What a whirlwind of activity at Xerocon this past week in San Francisco.  The Xero training team tested over 80 financial advisory people.  Big shouts out to those that passed and became Xero Certified Partners, including ME!!!!  Hey taking tests is not easy so when I pass I am always amazed.  A few of my accounting clients came to the Xerocon certification and show with me.  Whew they passed too!

Xero uses the tagline  “Beautiful Accounting Software,” as a business owner I can say, it truly is.  Xero had all of their US based employees and quite a few of the New Zealand group in attendance.  The excitement they have for their company is infectious.  But most importantly, there were no grumpy accountants and bookkeepers.  Who could be grumpy listening to “Kiwi- speak?”  In 2009, when I first saw Xero I knew a change was in the wind.  I had the opportunity to get a little look when I was overseas in Pune India.  I then saw them in the United States at a Sleeter conference.  By that time my faith in the ability of the accounting/ bookkeeping industry to have recognize tools that would allow them to be more of a forward leaning  partner with their clients, rather than a reporter of yesterdays’ news, was waning fast.  Xero is the breath of fresh life into a mired and stagnant relationship.   Xero takes the accountant/ bookkeeper out of, nagging for information and then performing data entry, and places them squarely at the table of “where do we go from here” with their clients.  As a business owner I look forward to my accountant becoming a member of my team.

Before heading up to NorCal for Xerocon one of my CPA clients in the area requested I spend a few days with his team.  When I mentioned I was going to Xerocon he said he had  heard a bit about the program and was interested.    He decided to check it out for himself and bring along several of his employees.  Thanks to Ian Vacin, Sbeen Ajmal and Holly Rabloi of Xero these folks received last minute, squeezed in seats for the certification.    The CPA came back to his office announcing that all future clients were going to be on Xero.  Many current clients were going to move to Xero and eventually they would support Xero and Intacct only.    We ordered ipads for all employees, downloaded AudioNote for process tracking, set up scheduling of client work and signed all other employees up for certification via online or at Sleeter.  This would have seemed like a large change and very scary, but this firm was already doing quite a bit of virtual CFO at work at value added pricing.  The technology tools that were using, although state of the art two years ago, felt like stone knives and bearskins after spending two days with Xero.   In addition several of the 3rd party program their clients were already happy with like,, PayPal and Expensify have APIs established with Xero.  MoneyPenny will watch this firm closely and see how they do with their new tools and new outlook on their Virtual CFO practice.




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