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Due to our heavy use of a variety of software stacks in the accounting and data processing realm we have had to trouble shoot many apps and app integrations. Overtime we developed case studies for training internally as well as work arounds and recommendations to clients on best app selection. Our testing team has grown and now works with smoke, sanity and regression testing for apps in the cloud. We support app developers giving them the end user experience feedback and verification that the ending accounting requirements are met.

We provide quality assurance testing for products that affect accounting. We’ll provide a team of accountants to test various cloud-based systems and mobile apps. Whether your software is an accounting program or an ancillary program that affects accounting, our team of seasoned professionals can help you minimize risk when launching. 

We are proficient in Test Rails, JIRA, and Slack communications for cross-team workflows and communication.

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Money Penny LLC - Accounting Solutions - Testimonials

“Working with MoneyPenny has been a blessing! The back office outsourcing, consulting and app review work has been so helpful in my everyday work process. Thank you Penny for all you have done to make my job that much easier. I look forward to working with you in the future.”

Michelle, Bookkeeper
Money Penny LLC - Accounting Solutions - Testimonials

“She is an effective trainer who understands and keeps a laser focus on the customer relationship, regardless of whether it is an internal or an external customer. Penny is tenacious in getting tasks accomplished and she knows how to use resources to get things done and done right.”

Gary, Business Development Director, Texas
Money Penny LLC - Accounting Solutions - Testimonials

“MoneyPenny is an invaluable source of information and insight into the technology and workflow process and procedures for all small businesses. They keep up on the ever changing landscape of apps and wades through them to make it easier for their clients to utilize.”

Rachel, CPA

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