Common Misconceptions About Outsourcing

MoneyPenny LLC Blog - Common Misconceptions About Outsourcing

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A common misconception about outsourcing is that you outsource all the low-end work – but more and more our clients are outsourcing their special projects to us.

“While we were busy in the fall of 2020 prepping for tax season, the MoneyPenny team was converting 60+ of our audit clients from FirmFlow to AdvanceFlow. In addition, they developed a standardized Trial Balance process for our 10 accounting managers which resulted in a 12% improvement in productivity.”
CPA Firm, California

With what seemed like the longest tax season on record now firmly in the rearview mirror, hopefully, you’ve had some time to breathe. Or maybe you actually need to free up some time to breathe.

What are those special projects in your firm that require your attention?

You might want to:

  • Convert QuickBooks desktop clients to QuickBooks Online or Xero
  • Create systems and processes in your bookkeeping, tax, or audit departments
  • Implement a new time and billing system or new workflow tools
  • Whatever the special project, the MoneyPenny team can help.

We can also help you take care of the day-to-day bookkeeping for your clients so you can focus on much more valuable advisory services like cash flow forecasting, KPI monitoring, and internal control procedures.

Or you can use MoneyPenny’s outsourcing services to free up some of your time to just breathe, and spend some more time with family.

Outsourcing typically comes with a lot of questions:

  • Is my data safe?
  • What are working conditions like?
  • What do I need to tell my client?
  • Are you taking American jobs?

If you’re thinking about your business, and how you can streamline your operations, deliver world-class service to your clients and enjoy your own work-life balance, then do think about outsourcing.

I’d be delighted to spend some time on a Zoom call with you (and your team) answering your questions and sharing with you how we help firms across the country.

Click here to schedule a time that works for you or give us a call at (307) 215-5982 Today.

Enjoy the summer and hopefully, we can connect.

Kind regards

Penny Breslin

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