Accounting firms have historically provided a range of “after-the-fact” compliance services including year-end accounting and tax return preparation. Many firms also provide “write-up” services which involve the recording of business transactions based on documents generated by the client, such as invoices, checks, deposit slips and documents provided by other outside institutions such as bank and credit card statements.

Today, major innovation in technology is pushing “AI” or automated machine learning not only towards clients but also to the accounting firm. AI makes the cycle of accounting faster; clients now have time to focus on their own growth and often the desire to have their accounting professional assist them. Today’ tools provide not only the capability to pull multiple data points, but also the time to find and provide the useful information derived from those data points to the client cogent manor.

At MoneyPenny we assist firms in organizing their clients, team and applications to provide the data and the time and the opportunity to give clients flat fee and value-added billing.

MoneyPenny assists in finding workable current procedures and developing new ones. We have checklists that are adaptable to any given situation or client and follow the theory of they should be set up and accessible on demand and need.

The future world will be coders and crafts people. Putting information in after the fact is no longer profitable but knowing how to respond to the data with actionable information can be a game changer. Let us help you get there.

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