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Our Certifications

We use our expertise as a driver for continual improvement. Our certified processes underpin the work the business undertakes to ensure our services meet or exceed the needs and expectations of our customers.

Money Penny LLC - Accounting Solutions for Businesses - Certifications Logo
Money Penny LLC - Accounting Solutions for Businesses - Certifications Logo

Back Office Accounting Services

MoneyPenny provides accountants, bookkeepers and CFOs with dedicated trained accountants. We can build a team that fits your needs. We take on the heavy lifting while you focus on the the people and the business.

With more than 35 years of combined experience in bookkeeping, accounting, tax prep and secure communications, we know your pain and can provide you the space to put your energies where they are needed. Working on your business not in your business.

Back Office Accounting Services We Provide

MoneyPenny and S&N Financial Services provide dedicated trained and certified CA’s and accountants, to assist your firm in all aspects of bookkeeping, tax and, accounting. Whether it’s overflow work, special projects or everyday accounting tasks our team becomes an extension of your team.

Conversion of Desktop to Cloud Accounting

The MoneyPenny accounting team specializes in using top accounting software to keep track of our clients’ financials effectively. With years of collective experience, our team can migrate your data from server to cloud applications seamlessly and without error.


  • Historical Review of Accounting Application
    • We go through current accounting files and report back what is done, what is needed, which documents are required, and any potential problems with data and the time required to fix and clean them.
  • Audit of Existing Accounting Application
    • We help determine whether an existing accounting application is well-suited for your business needs. We have detailed checklists for conversions and reviews for this.
  • Accounting Software Integration and Implementation

REPORTREPORTFinancial Reports

Financial reports are worthless without good data input behind and fast turn around. We can help you move from Financial accounting to managerial and proactive accounting with your clients.
In running an effective business, it is vital to get clear financial insights through reports. However, in reality, many companies find it difficult to update and maintain their documents as they are often put off until the very last minute.


At MoneyPenny, we provide outsourced financial reporting for business owners who need help managing their financial records. By choosing our team to handle your business recordkeeping, you save time and money by counting on our dedicated experts who will handle everything. Meanwhile, you can stay on top of your game and create informed decisions based on our services’ produced results and work towards strategies that help grow your business.


  • Financial Statements
    • Profit and Loss
    • Balance Sheet
  • Monthly Reconciliations
  • Custom Financial Reports using Multiple KPI report applications

tax-government-vat-moneytax-government-vat-moneyTax Returns and Strategy

MoneyPenny aims to solve your tax worries by creating the best tax strategy for your business. We acknowledge that tax preparation must be done with quality consulting from experts, which is why our team with 35 years of combined experiences in US and Canadian tax is more than ready to step in and help you.


  • Tax Preparation
    • We help companies prepare their taxes, including US Sales Tax Payroll Tax and GST/VAT preparation. We work with all tax software, both server and cloud applications, to do this.
  • 1099 Creation
    • We review, prepare, and, when needed, submit to State, Federal, and Vendors.

CHECKCHECKAdministration Support

We can clean up the mess that chaos of a tax season can cause. Re-work your workflows and tasking apps. Provide you best-in-class support with year of seeing all the messes and knowing which apps will fix them.


At MoneyPenny, we can help streamline your business by providing back-office firm administration services. By doing so, you decrease costs by turning over administrative tasks to a specialized team capable of delivering excellent service.


  • Document Organization and Cleanup
    • Keeping documents organized and up-to-date could easily be brushed off in your company, especially if you focus on delivering front-end work. Our team can easily manage your documents on your behalf so that they are easily ready and accessible whenever you need them.
  • Billing
    • We acknowledge the importance of responsible billing and coding, and the demanding and challenging task it poses on a company. By outsourcing with us, you save time and money on overhead costs and are assured of quality service and a transparent billing process.
  • Workflow Cleanup and Administration
    • With an outsourced team, you expand your business’s productivity as the said team handles the administrative work. Our highly-specialized team can meet your unique needs and create a workflow process most suitable for your business.
  • Payroll
    • At MoneyPenny, we are capable of managing your payroll accounts for you. Depending on your need, our team of experts may also assist you in preparing documents for the payment of payroll taxes to avoid missed deadlines and penalties.

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