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We use our expertise as a driver for continual improvement. Our certified processes underpin the work the business undertakes to ensure our services meet or exceed the needs and expectations of our customers.

Money Penny LLC - Accounting Solutions for Businesses - Certifications Logo
Money Penny LLC - Accounting Solutions for Businesses - Certifications Logo

Best-in-Class Outsourcing Services for Your Firm’s Needs

At MoneyPenny we assist firms in organizing their clients, team, and applications to provide the data and the time, to better service their clients. MoneyPenny assists in analyzing current procedures and developing new ones. We have checklists that are adaptable to any given situation or client and follow the theory of they should be set up and accessible on demand. The future world will be coders and craftspeople. Entering information after-the-fact is no longer profitable, but knowing how to respond to the data with actionable information can be a game changer. Let us help you get there.
Back Office Accounting

Whether it’s overflow work, special projects or everyday accounting tasks our team becomes an extension of your team.

Back Office Bookkeeping

Your time is important let us give you more of it. Our professional staff is trained in multiple GLs both Cloud and Desktop.

Outsource CFO

For the CFO with limited staff, we can fill the GAPS allowing you to focus on company growth and strategy.

Tax Preparation

Our tax team has worked on US and Canadian Tax prep for two decades. We have working knowledge of all tax applications both server and Cloud. From organization of docs to final review ready. Returns you can sleep while the returns are processed.

App Reviews

For developers working with Accounting apps we understand the integrations and can test the validity of the results. Our teams work with your developers giving them the real-world scenarios to test the outcomes of the product.

Consulting Services

MoneyPenny’s on-shore team can assist your firm in restructuring to provide true client advising and consulting work. Taking you from flat rate and hourly billing to true value added billing. Redesign the firm you want and we will give you the structure and support tools to fit your dream of the future.

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