Charting Your Course: Strategies for Neurodivergent Entrepreneurs to Thrive

Entrepreneur Charting Course

Starting a business can be an intimidating undertaking for anyone, and it can be especially challenging for neurodivergent individuals due to their distinct needs and strengths. Nevertheless, by channeling their exceptional talents and following their passions, neurodivergent individuals can achieve success as entrepreneurs. In this MoneyPenny article, we will discuss eight strategies to empower neurodivergent […]

To AI or not to AI?

Bot Blog

This is NOT the question.  In fact, there is no question you are already using it.  Chat GPT came out in November 2022, was adopted, and marketed and grew quickly. Then came Bard and Bing.  Each has its uses and nuances.  The ability to detect a Bard, Bing or Chat generated item has also quickly […]

Ripples in Time

MoneyPenny LLC Blog – Ripples in Time.

Recently I had the pleasure of being in a meeting with many thought leaders in the accounting industry. The ultimate question was about the adoption of AI (Artificial Intelligence)/ RPA (Robotic Process Automation) in accounting firms. Why does it work or not work? There were other questions but that one is rather key to quite […]

Why listening is important

MoneyPenny LLC Blog - Why listening is important.

As people that work with numbers and spreadsheets, we can often miss the pains our clients are feeling. Knowing your customer’s pain point is how you know where you can add value. But other pains occur in the strangest of ways. A scared person calls at 5 AM about an IRS letter (common,) family-owned businesses […]

A Good Day in the Sun

MoneyPenny LLC Blog - A Good Day in the Sun

March 15th, 2022 has come and gone. By now your business clients have either completed their returns, filed extensions, or are an LLC c -corp. For some firms that means a bit of a breather. That meant I also had calls with several of our client firms this week. These were all set before the […]

Many hands and little time especially at year end!

Money Penny Blog - Many hands and little time especially at year end!

It is often during the year-end review of files that tax accounts see discrepancies and glaring changes in a clients’ business file. A good Tax account will call this to the attention of the client or the bookkeeper. Since we are outsourcers, we are often not sent feedback for months or even a year. Then […]

The end of year crush is here again!

MoneyPenny LLC Blog - The end of year crush is here again.

Pretty soon you will be getting last-minute requests to clean up client accounting files.  Be it reconciling, 1099 prep, or trial balance review, things are about to start getting busy again.  Did they ever not get unbusy since January 2020?  Each year we try to get our small business clients to prepare for the end-of-year […]

What’s on your PC?

Money Penny LLC Blog - Whats on Your PC?

One of the aspects of what we must do and be at MoneyPenny is hyper-focused on client security. Each accounting, tax, and audit business we deal with always asks about our security. Even before Covid, we were always conscious that we are held to a high standard. We try our best every day to meet […]

Common Misconceptions About Outsourcing

MoneyPenny LLC Blog - Common Misconceptions About Outsourcing

A common misconception about outsourcing is that you outsource all the low-end work – but more and more our clients are outsourcing their special projects to us. “While we were busy in the fall of 2020 prepping for tax season, the MoneyPenny team was converting 60+ of our audit clients from FirmFlow to AdvanceFlow. In […]

Old School Fireproof Filing cabinet and OTA, MFA, 2FA

MoneyPenny LLC Blog - Old School Fireproof Filing cabinet and OTA, MFA, 2FA

Many years ago, in a galaxy far, far away a story was told of a devastating fire and the silver lining that appeared from it.  This was a story told over and over to accountants.  They would often ask me if it was true.  Unlike many of the stories told during that time from the […]

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